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Marriage License for Minnesota

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General Instructions:

A valid marriage license issued by a Minnesota county clerk is required for all religious and
non-religious marriages in Minnesota. You do not have to apply for a marriage license
in the same county you will be married in

The license must be applied for in person by at least one of the contracting

parties.  If one or both parties are present, they must provide proof of identity
(In most cases you will be required to show primary and secondary "Proof of Identity".
Primary documents considered acceptable as "proof of identity" include: Prior drivers
license or Identification Card, certified copy of birth certificate, original Naturalization
Certificate or Alien Identification card. Secondary documents include Social Security card,
certified copy of a marriage record, a certified court order or another primary document. 
Please call the State of Minnesota at 651-296-6911 if you have questions regarding
acceptable proof of identity. If the applicant's current name differs from that shown on
the primary document presented, a certified copy of the name change - court order or
marriage certificate, for example - must also be presented.)

If one of the parties is not present, their signature must be notarized. 
The license may be picked up after a five-day statutory waiting period and
is valid for six months from issue date. No refunds are issued on unused licenses
at any time. Social Security Number for both parties is required.

If either or both applicant(s) has/have been married previously,

information regarding termination of the most recent marriage is required
at time of application. If the most recent previous marriage was terminated
by death, the exact date, as well as the state and county in which the death
occurred, must be provided. If termination was by divorce or court annulment,
the exact date, county, state, and type of court are required. If termination
by divorce or legal annulment occurred within 30 days of the date of application,
a certified copy of the decree must be presented for viewing.

A marriage license costs $115.00 without pre-marital counseling,

$40.00 with pre-marital counseling consisting of least 12 hours of
premarital education that included the use of a premarital inventory
and the teaching of communication and conflict management skills be
given by a licensed or ordained minister, a person authorized to
solemnize marriages under Minnesota Statutes, Section 517.18,
or a person licensed to practice marriage and family therapy under
Minnesota Statutes, Section 148B.33. A pre-marital form must be
submitted at the time of application.  I  offer pre-marital
counseling classes which will fulfill this requirement.
Click here for information about classes. 

Where to apply for a license:

Hennepin County
To ensure service, arrive at least one hour before closing.

For required documentation and downloadable marriage application form, click here.

Ramsey County
You can print a downloadable marriage application form and take it in with you to apply.
Clerk of District Court.

Dakota CountyDownladable marriage application form and on-line form
Cash or check only
Treasurer-Auditor Department.

Anoka County
Marriage licenses may be obtained from the Court Administration File Room of the Anoka County Courthouse located on the first floor, east section of the courthouse. (Map)
You can print a downloadable form and take it in with you to apply.

License Bureau.

Washington County
License page.

Carver County
License page.

Scott County
License page.

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