Pre-Marriage Classes


Father Stephen Prokop M.A., M.S.
An Old Catholic Church Priest
Saint Paul/Minneapolis, Minnesota

Pre-Marriage Classes & Couples Counseling

Both you and your fiancé are embarking on a life-long journey of love and companionship.
There will be shoals and rapids and unforeseen winds which will challenge your relationship!
Learn how to face these challenges together!

Fee for classes and testing: $180 per couple (you will save $70 off your wedding license when you present the certificate of completion applying for your wedding license at any Minnesota county clerk of court office).
Wedding licenses are good for six months in Minnesota and there is a five day waiting period.

I have been getting numerous requests from couples having a Roman Catholic wedding who want to fulfill the requirements of attending a pre-marriage class. The Roman Catholic Church does NOT accept my classes probably because I am of a different denomination (Old Catholic Church) nor do I teach natural family planning (rhythm method of birth control).

Half of the fee is required for registration and is not re-fundable; the other other half is due at the beginning of the first class.
Each series of classes is limited to 3 couples.

I do not have to be your officiant to attend these classes! 
Nor do I require these classes for my couples!

Even though I am an Old Catholic Priest, I will not discuss religion or faith during these classes. I will utilize my training as a professional counselor teaching communication skills and role playing. 

The classes are formatted for Sunday afternoons to fit your schedules. The first two classes are two/two and a half hours long, the remainder are arranged to fit your schedule

One hour will be arranged during the last class session for me to meet with individual couples after the completion of the classes to discuss in depth the results of the Pre-Marital Inventory (PMI), personality styles and Dr. Amen's Adult Attention Deficit Disorders inventory, plus other relational matters discussed during the classroom hours.

At the end of our last one hour meeting, I will give you a signed and notarized certificate of completion which you will take to the clerk of court for the $70 discount off your wedding license fee. You cannot get a rebate of the discount if you completed the classes AFTER you applied for your wedding license.

Classes can be either group (limit of two couples) or individual with just a couple and myself at times convenient for all..

For group classes,  I will not allow couples to switch Sunday classes.
Once you start a series of classes as a unit, you have to complete all of them
or re-register to join a new series of classes at a pro-rated fee if space is available. 

View these classes as "sacred time" to learn about yourself, your spouse and your relationship!

All testing is included in the fee.
The testing instruments will consist of
-   the Pre-Marital Inventory (PMI) - how you view areas such as communication, relational roles, finances, sex, family life, etc.
    The PMI is something you CANNOT "flunk"!  Couples usually do very well on it.  It is an objective instrument to see how well you both have talked about your relationship - the PMI will tell us your strengths and things you should talk about yet.
-   a version of Myers-Brigg's Personality Type Indicator (to identify how we perceive giving/receiving love in relationships)
-   Dr. Amen's inventory to detect Adult Attention Deficit Disorders.

Outline of topics covered:

1. Framework of Family of Origins to help explain communication styles
    and using the "LOVE ARROW QUESTION" to unlock your spouse's heart for talking,
2. One hour private couple discussion of compatibility utilizing the results of the PMI,
    (Couples will take the PMI on-line before the beginning of the first class.)
3. Presentation of how our personality types reflects how we perceive giving/receiving love in relationships,
4. Interweaving the results of the testing instruments listed above
    with inter-personal relationships and conflict resolution using role-playing.
5. A short discussion of the role of sex and sexuality in your marriage,
6. A short discussion of the role of money and finances in your marriage.


Schedule for Pre-Marriage Classes

Group classes: Sundays,
                     November 10th and 17th
                     December 8th and 15th

Additional classes will be posted in early December.

Individual couple classes can be arranged to fit your busy schedule.

Because of special scheduling, the fee for INDIVIDUAL couple classes (not the Sunday group class) is $225, payable by check (deposit and balance).

Send me an e-mail indicating your interest and your wedding date and I will respond with possible individual couple class availability

Classes are at Baker's Square,
2239 Ford Parkway, Saint Paul, Minnesota 55116


If I am your wedding officiant, I have all the information I need from your agreement,
so you do not send in a registration form, just send in deposit.

Registration Form   If I am not your wedding officiant, please mail or fax the registration form.
(Adobe pdf file to print out and mail in (or fax in) with check.
Print a second copy for your records.)


$90 Deposit

$180 Full Payment

Father Steve also offers couples counseling to help resolve marital conflicts and mis-communications. 
Minimuim of two one hour sessions at $45 an hour. Additional sessions as needed can be arranged.
Call Father Steve at 651-698-5569 or e-mail him at

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