Father Stephen Prokop M.A., M.S.
An Old Catholic Church Priest
Saint Paul/Minneapolis, Minnesota

Marriage Policy and Theology


Like the Orthodox Churches, American Apostolic Catholic
Church permits remarriage without a required annulment
proceedings to determine whether a previous marriage
was a true marriage in the sacramental sense of the term.
Therefore, an annulment is not necessary to remarry.

Likewise, American Apostolic Catholic Church
reiterates and affirms basic Roman Catholic theology
of the past thousand years that the couple are the
ministers of the sacrament of marriage.  In other
words, unlike the other sacraments which are
dependent upon a deacon, priest or bishop to be
validly administered, the couple themselves give each
other the sacrament of marriage
- an ordained person
is present to witness this sacrament and to bless the
couple, not to administer the sacrament (see right column).

Accepting Scriptural affirmation that everything God
created is good, the wedding ceremony site is not
restricted to a physical church building.  Rather, any dignified location is acceptable for the wedding
ceremony, whether it be a home, a hotel, a mansion,
a church building or outdoors surrounded with the
beauty of God's creation.

In summary, two Christian people who love each
other and want to publicly commit themselves in a
life-long community of life and love have a right to
be married.   Because they are the ministers of the
sacrament, they select or compose their own vows,
prayers, blessings and readings for their ceremony.
Lastly, the couple may chose any location they deem
fitting to proclaim their new life-long commitment.
These rights are befitting to the People of God by
virtue of their baptism.

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"From the earliest times this fundamental proposition has been upheld: Matrimonium facit consensus, i.e. Marriage is contracted through the mutual, expressed consent. Therein is contained implicitly the doctrine that the persons contracting marriage are themselves the agents or ministers of the sacrament. However, it has been likewise emphasized that marriage must be contracted with the blessing of the priest  and the approbation of the Church, for otherwise it would be a source not of Divine grace, but of malediction. Hence it might easily be inferred that the sacerdotal blessing is the grace-giving element, or form of the sacrament, and that the priest is the minister. But this is a false conclusion."

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